Senior brand consultant for impact startups

As a startup, navigating numerous activities simultaneously can be challenging. Are you looking for someone who understands the importance of building in softer proprietary value for the success of your brand?

Designing for people & planet

Design can greatly enhance the mission of impact startups working towards a better future. I love partnering with entrepreneurs dedicated to making a positive difference. My design approach focuses on both people and the planet, aiming to connect human well-being with environmental health. By creating meaningful brand experiences, we can build stronger human connections and drive genuine impact.

How I work

As a T-shaped design and brand consultant, I bridge insights with action. With a broad understanding of various design disciplines and a deep expertise in branding, I approach projects with a holistic mindset. Since 2018, I have been partnering with startups to develop their brand experiences. My approach is centered on crafting a cohesive experience that aligns with your business strategy and fosters meaningful connections with your audience. With experience in both B2B and B2C, particularly in FMCG and the food industry, I bring valuable expertise to our partnership.

Need support?

I primarily join startups that I truly believe in, providing continuous support as an integral part of the team, but I also offer on-demand services tailored to your specific needs. Welcome to contact me!