About us

KDV Studio is based in Lund, southern Sweden. Our projects are managed by Kristina de Verdier and Pär Wolfner, and if your project requires more capacity or diverse perspectives, we love teaming up with professionals in our network. Whether you're a rising start-up or a global giant, we're here to assist. Our flexible approach and collaborative spirit ensure that each project, regardless of scale or scope, receives the attention and expertise needed to achieve exceptional results.



Senior Design Strategist with a big interest in nature and human behaviour. Kristina has experience from navigating through complex innovation projects as well as product development, brand-building, B2B service design and product marketing. With a people/planet-centered design approach, she has delivered ethnographic studies, trend speeches, workshops and design assignments for brand owners globally.

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Senior Graphic Designer with attention to details. Pär has extensive experience from packaging, creating identities, UI Design and Branding and has worked several years with Color & Material Design within the consumer electronics industry. Pär has worked for studios in Stockholm, Barcelona & Malmö, designing for local companies as well as global giants. Since 2014 Pär is collaborating with Kristina, sharing studio and supporting clients with the graphic design aspects of projects.

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If you have a project which require more resources, we have a network of talents complementing our capabilities. For every project we put together cutting-edge expertise to facilitate the best possible outcome.