For people who suffers from sleep problems

We were commissioned by Swedish bio-tech company WellbeMed to build their brand & product design. WellbeMed drives the vision of developing healthy products that can help with lifestyle-related problems. The first launched product is WellBeSLEEP, a chocolate bar containing lemon balm and hops that can assist in temporary sleep problems.

Background & challenge: One third of the world’s population suffers from sleep problems in any form. WellbeSLEEP is a natural sleeping aid, a bar with lemon balm and hop, to eat 30 minutes before bedtime. The product is based on research from Lund University, Sweden. We have supported WellbeMed in creating the brand & product design. On our to-do-list was to design the holistic product experience through structural packaging, CMF, graphic design, visual identity, logo & tone-of-voice.

Insight & Design: People lack time and patience, yet there is a growing desire for natural solutions. Since the bar should be consumed 30 minutes before bedtime our mission was to create an experience for the before-bedtime-ritual. What’s the feeling people want (and need) to create 30 minutes before bedtime? We realized that consumers need to calm down, reduce clutter & noise, maybe have a cup of tea. So, we carefully developed a product natural in its design, with matte material & soft touch, an immediate feeling of the function and a clear connection to the botanical garden, function from nature! We developed a 7-pack designed for a weekly consumption and optimised for e-commerce.