Sustainable design strategy

Our sustainable design service goes beyond LCA and regulations, looking at the emotional and functional aspects of sustainability. By challenging what consumers genuinely need, it promotes a more thoughtful and intentional approach to design, fostering a sustainable lifestyle.

In our sustainable design work we focus on creating products and experiences that prioritize sustainability, longevity, and thoughtful material choices. We aim to create products that have a reduced environmental footprint and contribute positively to the well-being of both individuals and the planet.

Material Innovation: We can help you explore cutting-edge, sustainable materials and solutions. This mapping will provide an overview of the latest trends and potential future systems.

Consumer Principles:  Ensure that your sustainable products are not only sustainable on paper but also enjoyable to use. This involves considering factors such as ergonomics, intuitive design, and emotional connections to foster positive engagement.

Circular Design Thinking: We help you integrate circular design principles into your design process. We make sure the right questions are asked along the whole product journey, to help you making more mindful decisions.

Transparency and Storytelling: Consumers today seek transparency in product origins and manufacturing processes. We help brands communicate their efforts transparently, turning these stories into powerful marketing narratives that resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

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Reference clients: ICA, Saveggy, Svensk glasåtervinning

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