Tetra Pak Look Book

Food & Beverage Trends

Tetra Pak has a range of Marketing Services to help brands fast-track food and beverage product innovation.

The Look Book complements this offering by taking Tetra Pak Customers through the packaging design process in an intriguing and interactive way. It acts inspirational and contains the latest global trends, graphic recipes, in-store thinking and many other useful items.

We created an interactive presentation, which Tetra Pak was using in their Customer co-creation. These images are from the trend insights, where we created moodboards and recipe concepts/packaging design to represent each trend.

Client: Tetra Pak

Team: Kristina de Verdier, Pär Wolfner, Jonas Lundin

Functional food, colourful, fresh energy, vibrant colours

Happy & healthy superfood

Human hand

Local, small-scale, hand-made, authentic recipes

Forest colours, botanic, earthy colours, imperfect perfect

By Nature

Customised, premium, limited edition, fashion, appeal to senses

Haute couture

People, process, transparency, quality stamp, fair-trade

Origin & trust

Minimalistic, geometric shapes, clean label, simple recipes

Geometry & Minimalism