Tetra Pak Artistry

Material effects collection

To make a purchase decision, consumers need to “believe” in the product. They look for sensorial signals from the packaging, such as material details, to help them assess the product within. Visual and sensorial packaging directly influences consumer-perceived food quality and brand preference. Using a variety of surfaces, textures and materials enables brands to move beyond graphic design to sensorially communicate their identities to consumers in new ways.

In 2018 Tetra Pak launched a suite of new packaging material effects, known as Tetra Pak® Artistry, to help food and beverage producers revitalise the look and feel of their products. These effects are available for manufacturers without the need to change to a new packaging format or invest in new equipment. KDV Studio was commissioned to design a concept for this suite of packaging material.

Our mission was to integrate two and three-dimensional design to evoke visual and tactile senses and to create a design with a wide colour scheme that would allow brands to enter into a world of endless combinations. In the world of food & beverages, consumers are increasingly seeking products that are natural and authentic. With this in mind our path forward was clear, we were going to explore the senses of nature. We created a pattern inspired by shapes like wood, snow, crystals and leaves. As the packaging material effects were the main ingredients of the design, each effect was given a designation tag, creating Tetra Pak’s own ‘periodic table’ of design elements.

The first packaging material effects launched in 2018 were Tetra Pak® Craft, Tetra Pak® Reflect and Tetra Pak® Metallized. Their range of effects, patterns and package options will continue to grow, for instance Tetra Pak® Sculpt – an embossed surface texture will soon be available in the Tetra Pak Artistry family.

In this project we had the honour to collaborate with digital communication agency KAN, who created a video that moves in between the conceptual worlds of the packaging material effects and the designer’s creative process in the studio, to end up in real examples. KAN was awarded with Svenska Designpriset for the work.

Client: Tetra Pak

Team: Kristina de Verdier & Pär Wolfner in collaboration with KAN