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Lailas is a well-known gluten-free brand in Sweden. They are now launching new products and we had the honour to be responsible for the design. Lailas passion is to unite flavor, joy, and community. It’s not just about replacing the flour, but about creating a taste experience without compromises. One that lacks only gluten, nothing else. With Lailas gluten-free products, you can bake all your favourites, from crispy cookies to airy breakfast rolls. Making it easy to achieve perfect consistency and delicious flavor every time.

We led the design process, defining a clear strategy and brand positioning as well as designing the brand identity and packaging alongside it. This journey was a close collaboration with the brand owner, including insightful consumer interviews, conceptualization and mockups along the process. Talking to people who avoid gluten for different reasons provided valuable insights, ensuring a holistic approach to our design strategy.

Clients: Lailas Glutenfria

Team: Kristina de Verdier, Pär Wolfner

Elobarative design process with the Brand Owner, consumer interviews, mockups and hands-on work meetings