Brand & portfolio rejuvenation

Kockens is a Swedish kitchen icon with over 100 years of experience in growing and mixing spices. The entire product range has now been re-designed, with a focus on natural simplicity. The work has been truly holistic including everything from glass design, brand identity, material finish to colour strategy and graphic design. Kockens vast portfolio with over 100 products for consumers as well as food service, required a systematic approach to the design development. The products should inspire and simplify for the user and are designed for clear communication on store shelves as well as in people’s homes.

Through all the senses

Spices is an experience though all the senses and the journey begins in the store. Through minimalistic tactile details on the glass and matte finish on lids and pouches, we activate the human impulse to touch the product and not only remember the flavours of Kockens, but experiencing the brand through all the senses.


The iconic gourmet glass packaging has been reduced by 6.3%. This means a reduction of 33 tonnes of glass every year and a reduction of the climate footprint by 28 tonnes of CO2. All jars are made from 55–60% recycled glass collected from sorting plants. The lid is made from a bio-based raw material instead of, as before, fossil source. The amount of material has decreased by 10.5%.


The logo has been simplified, where the traditional chef hat has been integrated into a symbol instead of the logo itself. Kockens iconic green colour has got an updated nuance and the new colour palette consists of earthy colors breathing calm nature. We divided the spices into six categories; pepper, chili, herbs, pastries, pure spices and spice mixtures. Each category with its own signature plant, which is boldly exposed on each product. A new hand rendered typography with a nice balance between elegance and playfulness, gives the brand a soft impression.

Client: Kockens
Design team: Kristina de Verdier, Pär Wolfner, Calle Nordenskjöld

Complete portfolio rejuvenation

The design system includes over 100 SKUs

Tight collaboration with Kockens and their production

Colour strategy to differentiate the products

Many different package formats

Logo design

Industrial design and 3D-print of glass jar