Redefine the future Meal Experience

Duni delivers table setting concepts and accessories that help restaurants, caterers and take-away businesses create meal experiences. In an ever-changing market landscape Duni (like all companies), is facing new realities such as digitalisation and urgency of sustainability. To be on top of what is required of the future meal experience, Duni has initiated a range of innovation actions.

KDV Studio was commisioned to be part of this journey to help Duni setup a co-creation workshop. Our mission: deliver opportunity areas for Duni to act within; with insights, rationals & creative directions. The project started with a pre-study spanning all the way from global insights to Duni customers and end-users’ needs & wants. These findings were turned into 5 opportunity platforms which served as the foundation of the workshop.

The workshop was facilitated in Copenhagen and we invited 15 Duni professionals along with 6 experts from RISE, IBM, Tetra Pak, MOLD, Grythyttan & Titti Qvarnström. It was a mind-twisting and open-minded day with insights, inspiration and deep thoughts that came to life.

Capabilities: Innovation strategy, opportunity platforms, service design, workshop facilitation

Client: Duni Group

Team: Kristina de Verdier, Jonas Lundin