Holmen Iggesund

Beauty Trend Report 2024

Holmen works closely with their Customers to define outstanding future offerings. KDV was responsible for analysing and creating the 2024 trend report, highlighting challenges and opportunities in the beauty segment. The report is part of the Creator Kit Beauty and is serving as an inspirational tool for co-creative interactions with leading brands. Download the full report here.

The beauty industry is undergoing a transformation towards more responsible offerings and packaging is evolving alongside it. Gone are the days when the focus was solely on minimising negative impacts; today, every company must strive to maximise positive contributions to both people and the planet.

In this comprehensive report, we delve into four key areas that have already made a significant impact on the beauty and packaging industries but are poised to evolve even further in 2024.

In the report we explore and draw inspiration from the concept of healthy ecosystems, encourage consumers to express their individuality, facilitate a reconnection with nature, and wholeheartedly endorse the zerowaste movement. These insights provide valuable inspiration for the development of holistic beauty and packaging solutions, creating a seamless brand experience for consumers.

Client: Holmen

Team: Kristina de Verdier, Pär Wolfner, Calle Nordenskjöld