Innovation platforms

Do you need help defining opportunities for your innovation work? Our innovation platforms help you define focus areas for your work. These platforms serve as the springboard where purpose meets creativity and sustainability meets business.

Through our Innovation platforms program, we help you turn complex insights into inspirational opportunities. We strive for a spectrum of stimuli, ranging from qualitative consumer insights and small-scale solutions, to macro-trends and big-scale inspirations. Our approach involves investigating early signals, significant macro-trends, emerging technologies, and the evolving dynamics of various markets. In pursuit of inspiration, we cast a wide net, drawing insights not only from your industry but also from diverse sectors, seeking unconventional solutions.

Our research is like detective work. We study how people act, what’s popular in markets, and how new technologies are affecting the whole world. We team up with experts and smart thinkers from different parts of the world to understand what’s coming next.

Through the innovation platforms, we guide your brand to a future where you’re not just keeping up – you’re leading the way and acting on the insights!

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Reference clients: ICA Innovation, Duni, Orkla Health

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