Tetra Pak

Be: a better future - Sustainability Innovations

The single biggest challenge for companies today is sustainability. Tetra Pak is a global company looking at the big picture; from water reduction to alternative materials, from renewable electricity to no more plastic straws. Our mission was to communicate Tetra Pak’s end-to-end environmental offer, to develop a clear concept, both strategically and visually, which could become Tetra Pak’s communication foundation for their services, their top of the line production machinery and the best sustainable products in their portfolio. As of the sum of its parts it becomes an end-to-end offer it also becomes a responsibility to their customers that must be seen as one of the greatest advantages with the concept — as a promise and as a relationship rather than an offer.

The aim was to be able to gather both small and large solutions from Tetra Pak and give it a uniformed basis of expression. We developed a clear structure that Tetra Pak can use in many different channels. We divided their offerings into 3 categories; Be Natural, Be Circular and Be Kind. These three themes should be able to present cutting edge arguments and present solutions within the three segments Packaging, equipment and services.

Design Team

KDV Studio