Holmen Iggesund

Communicating Biodiversity through design

Holmen Iggesund’s season’s greeting card links premium paperboard with biodiversity. The greeting cards are sent out to thank customers and partners, and they are also annual examples of creative paperboard solutions. This year, it’s a card that fully displays the possibilities of paperboard, while also explaining why biodiversity is a natural and important part of a true premium product.


The concept is a celebration of the human-nature relationship, our coexistence and the wellbeing of our ecosystem. Just like nature, the concept is designed in different layers, embedding tactility as well as visual effects. From big topographic formations to the deepest nurturing soil.


For those who want to dig even deeper, the card tells the story of how Holmen Iggesund helps protect biodiversity, and links to a site where you can find a more detailed introduction to this work and how it is an integral aspect of paperboard production. Go to Iggesund.com/biodiversity for more information.


“During the holiday season, it’s easy to be grateful for the world we live in, but we need to stop taking nature for granted. By producing a sustainable packaging material, we want to help brands around the world to switch to solutions that support biodiversity instead of destroying it,” says Johan Granås, Head of Sustainability at Holmen Iggesund.


Properties of the card and more information:

The box and the sleeve are printed on Invercote Creato. The different layers/cards are produced on Invercote Duo, Invercote G and Inverform. In this project I have been collaborating with Art Director Pär Wolfner and with printers PÅ Media.


Design Team

Kristina de Verdier, Pär Wolfner, PÅ Media