Trend Seminar 2019

Trend Analysis

Is your organisation interested to start the new year with a fresh trend session? Perfect for seminars, workshops and internal meetings

The ever-changing market landscape is affecting every company, facing new realities such as digitalization and urgency of sustainability. In order to do a good job, we need to ground ourselves in the needs of the people we are creating for. But we also need to understand what is technically feasible in the near and long-term future. Oscar Berg & Kristina de Verdier will take you on a journey through 5 trends that are shaping the future. Learn about how Trusted Truth, Curated Care, It Takes a Circle to be Circular, Frictionless Experiences, and Co-Creation Economy will impact your business the coming year(s). These are trends that are changing people’s everyday lives worldwide and creating new realities for every company. These 5 trend platforms provide you with cured output based on our continuous global research work. We will present future-facing insights, crucial need-to-know principles and showcase global practical examples.



The aim of this lecture is to contribute to a better understanding of global trends and we deliver hypotheses that your company can act on to be relevant onwards. Each trend follows this structure: 1. Consumer needs & market context 2. Opportunities and principles 3.Global cases from different industries. 1 hour session which is wrapped up with a joint discussion. You will receive the digital presentation after the lecture.



The aim of this seminar is to contribute to a better understanding of global trends and how it can be applied in your company. The above lecture will be complemented with exercises where the group will have the opportunity to dive into each trend and apply the insights to your industry and specific issues. This is a 1/2 day seminar which can focus on topics such as brand positioning, product development, services and communication. The outcome of this seminar is an insight toolbox with conceptual directions that will help you outline your offer and be even more relevant for the future.


About Oscar: Works as Business Designer and CEO at Unicorn Titans, a Swedish digital innovation agency. He’s a frequent keynote speaker on digital transformation and the future of work, and author of Superpowering People – Designing The Collaborative Digital Organization and Digital Workplace Strategy & Design.


About Kristina: Works as Design Director at KDV Design Studio. She helps companies navigate through complex design & innovation projects and through strategic practice delivers clear and actionable guidance to make sure the insights are turned into human-centered design solutions. She’s a frequent trend speaker and coaching organisations in design thinking.



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